SyncToCloud is the delivery of free software designed to synchronize data from various sources into a cloud (or between computers), whereby data may be shared based on end-user-defined rules, and is accessible by cloud computing to several computers and other devices. The application is compatible with any file-based cloud computing implementation, and is applicable even to synchronize amongst computers (e.g. via file sharing over a network).
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run this as a daemon, without a UI

run this on a NAS where there is no UI, configure various directories and sync
Graeme Robb, 10.04.2014, 02:41
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Schedule sync once-per-day

Hi, is it possible to automatically run sync once-per-day? At 03:00 in the morning? Situation: We have a place where many bands record their Demos on different computers. Every project consists of multiple .wav and other files, which are...
AleŇ°, 09.10.2017, 12:18
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Create Directory Prompt

Hi there, Maybe it would be usefull to ask the user after fill out the "Cloud Folder" Input and Click "Save Task" if the Cloud Folder should be Created if it not exists. This feature saves a few clicks.
Response from the site administrator
voji, 18.06.2012
This is a great idea, thank you. We working on it.

- released: v0.78
Mr. Tool, 12.06.2012, 21:59
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Allow users to define where cfg and cfg_global go

Hi, I just installed latest StC 1.15 and I think it is a great piece of software, very useful. An idea, though: can you make it so it lets the user specify where the cfg and cfg_global folders are created? Perhaps through a config file? That...
Response from the site administrator
voji, 24.06.2013
this feature released in SyncToCloud v1.16
See preferences -> Custom folders
scrat, 13.06.2013, 00:06
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A new preference point -> global variables

In version 0.70 you added the global variables. Maybe you add an preference point for that global variables. I think it's not clear where i should set this global variables cause if i use a "Holder Task" for that and if i press "Sync All" it...
Response from the site administrator
voji, 13.06.2012
Currently synctocloud doesn't support application scope "global variables", only global settings (like list sort order, etc.).

The variables currently created and used in Task level. The structure is:

Synctocloud App

Variables shared between Tasks, but not shared between Jobs.

We plan to introduce application level global variables (with different editor, placed in app properties), with different notation ( {g:varname} ) but this feature currently in planning state (we want to implement variable rename function first).

I hope "Sync all" doesn't made strange things, its sequentially execute all task (tasks, and task executions are independent from other tasks).

We try to improve documentation, to make this things clear to everyone (you can suggest documentation modifications too on synctocloud homepage in comments section).

Hope this helps.
Mr. Tool, 12.06.2012, 22:05
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New version 1.18 bugs

Hi, I am the one who begged you to fix the other bug: "Allow users to define where cfg and cfg_global go". It seems like the bug is back. Now with version 1.18, when the application starts it does not look in current folder for...
Response from the site administrator
voji, 05.08.2013
Thanks for your response. The bug fixed in version: 1.19, released now.
scrat, 03.08.2013, 13:24
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Cannot start application from S2C on OS X

On OS X applications are basically folders (with fixed internal layout: subfodlers and files) with ".app" suffix. When I try to sepcify an application in OS X as the executable, synctocloud gives an error and I cannot save the modification
Response from the site administrator
voji, 01.09.2014
The .app execution feature released in v1.30.

Use Ctrl+click on Executable field browser button, to open directory browser
atisu, 24.05.2014, 10:08
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No separate (modal) window for "Job executer"

I would like to be able to minimize the synctocloud window when a game is running (e.g., I alt-tab out of the game). It is not possible currently, because of the modal window "Job executer". Maybe (a) a part of the main window should be devoted...
Response from the site administrator
voji, 23.05.2014
Minimize button added to job executer dialog in version 1.29
atisu, 02.05.2014, 11:56
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Define Categories

Hi, I get your software yesterday and I think it's awesome. I have download some templates, but I have to customize then or create my specific sync. I don't see how to define category on a new or in change of the exist one. For example, I...
Response from the site administrator
voji, 02.01.2016

The job category used, when the stc template published. You can change it in the job publishing dialog.

Select a job file, press Edit button. The opening Job properties dialog press the "Publish..." button (next to the Save Job button). You can change, or create new category in the opended Publish template dialog.
CruzVix, 15.12.2015, 16:27
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Edit a job on right click

I will love to see the command Edit of JOB on right click menu.
Response from the site administrator
voji, 14.01.2016
This function released in version 1.40, and additionaly you can edit job properties with alt+double click
CruzVix, 15.12.2015, 16:39
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Name from source on job name

I know that has the Category to identify the game source. But there are games in multiple games sources. For example I have Deus Ex on GOG and on Steam. Same with Divine Divinity. The name of the JOB is unique. Instead of...
Response from the site administrator
voji, 14.01.2016
After version 1.40 the default job name format contains 3 parts:

1. job unique name
2. job category (unk, abw, gog, stm, rtl, etc.)
3. job platform (win, lin, osx, mlt)

Example template names:

Bonus: All the released repository templates are renamed.
CruzVix, 15.12.2015, 16:44